watch Since its establishment in 1894, KOWA has grown into a multinational Japanese company actively engaged in various manufacturing and trading activities in the fields of optics, pharmaceutical, life science and information technology, textiles, machinery and various consumer products. With its long heritage, KOWA has constantly strived to meet ever changing needs, and with its continuous entrepreneurial initiative is determined to meet the demands of future generations.

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source site The Electronics and Optics division of KOWA began the production of spotting scopes in 1952. Originally, they were developed as scopes for examining targets in shooting matches and saw official use in 1964 Olympic Games held in Tokyo. Once discovered by birdwatchers, they gained unexpected popularity which gradually spread throughout the world of nature observations. Kowa Sporting Optics are highly appreciated as it is widely known that their quality and reliability are the result of more than half a century of experience and development.


Комсомольск купить Пыль The PROMINAR line which includes models utilising pure Fluorite crystal to achieve optical characteristics unattainable with glass, is the gold standard of serious users.


A COMPANY THAT CARES All Kowa lenses used in our range of sporting optics and binoculars utilise ECO GLASS, an environmentally friendly material containing no lead or other harmful substances.

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